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Emotional Coaching

Therapy Session
Calm Sea

What is Emotional Coaching?

We all go through stages in life where we feel the need to let off steam, ask for guidance, and even ask for some prayer. Our emotional part commands us; positive emotions drive us to lead a harmonious life and achieve our goals. Likewise, negative emotions lead to sadness, anger, and even depression and exhaustion. Therefore, emotional coaching can help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel, to find balance in your life, and proportionally in your energetic body.

Come and enjoy this simple but very important support.

Wellness Coach
Reiki Treatment

One-to-one Session

Bath, England / Porto, Portugal

One hour session

+ Spiritual Cleansing



Laptop Typing on Bed

Online Session

Video or phone call

One hour session

+ Spiritual Cleansing



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