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Spiritual Cleansing

Calm Sea

What is Spiritual Cleansing?

The physical body is sustained by an energetic field. Energy enters, flows through the body, it is processed and it exits. This entering and exiting of energy are what gives one the strength and the balance to sustain oneself and sustain daily activities. The energetic system has a deep connection with the emotional system, which maintains a connection with the mental system, which supports the whole belief system, that is the things in which the human being believes. It suffices a slight imbalance in the system to reach the mental system, which will reach the emotional system, which will/can block the flow of the energy system. For these reasons, it is important to spiritually clean the existing blocks and to open your heart in order to not create more blocks.

Our self-energy density is called Overlapping of Incarnations and this is constituted by unconscious memories of past lives, which were awakened by the presence of some imbalance of energy. Also, the imbalance generated by the ego’s attempt to manipulate the belief system is the greatest of all. When the universe says yes by sending a life’s experience and the mind and the ego says ‘no, I do not want to live this experience’ the energy imbalance reaches its limit. It is then that a person gets ‘unclean’ energy, and so only attracts negative energy. So this energy has to be cleaned.

By removing density and by 'cleansing spiritually' we create conditions to stop the rejection of inevitable events, and this way people become to feel energetically balanced, respecting the rule of ‘one body, one frequency’, allowing their energy to flow with freedom. The more a person gets spiritual cleansing, the more spiritually elevated they get, and so will raise and establish their energy level, promoting general well-being.

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One-to-one Session

Bath, England / Porto, Portugal

One hour session

+ Spiritual Cleansing



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Online Session

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One hour session

+ Spiritual Cleansing



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