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Self Healing

Calm Sea

What is Self Healing?

SELF HEALING is a method dictated by Jesus to Alexandra Solnado, consisting of very simple but very powerful techniques in order to heal ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.


My role is to help you access your inner power and give you all the tools you need for your self-healing. Come discover your inner power and strength.

Wellness Coach
Reiki Treatment

In-person Session

Bath, England / Porto, Portugal

One hour session

+ Spiritual Cleansing



Laptop Typing on Bed

Online Session

Video or phone call

One hour session

+ Spiritual Cleansing



Packs of sessions also available

Video or phone call

£230/230€ for 6 sessions + Spiritual Cleansing

£430/430 for 12 sessions + Spiritual Cleansing

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