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Welcome to Susana Santos Therapies.


I wanted to take the time to thank you personally for visiting the website.

I am grateful for your time and trust that some part of your visit here might prove helpful or insightful into what you are looking for.

Here, I am offering a range of Alternative Therapies, so please do take a look through them and feel free to get in touch should you so wish.

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Susana Santos

Susana Santos is a Master Reiki Teacher.

She is a member of the UK Reiki Federation and took her Reiki course in the United Kingdom with Ewa Douglas, Hypnotherapist and Holistic Healer in Swindon. She also practices Multidimensional Therapy, Ilahinoor and Spiritual Cleansing. She has concluded the Angel Path Ascension course with Diana Cooper as well as the Ascensional Healing and Kundalini Reiki with Paulo Nogueira. Recently she has concluded the AUTOCURE course by Alexandra Solnado, who Susana has been a student of since 2007.

Susana was born and raised in Portugal, where she worked as a teacher for over fifteen years, and has also obtained teacher qualification status in the UK. She has been working with children for a long time, through both education and therapy, in which she feels she can help children just as much as adults. Experience in this area includes a recent Hypnosis for Children course, with Paulo Dias, and an Educational Therapist course at the Anna Mikii Institute; both held in Portugal.

She completed her Masters in Inclusive Education at Bath Spa University, in the Uk. In her dissertation she wrote about the importance and benefits of Alternative Therapies in Education.

Susana’s personal journey has been heavily influenced by Alternative Therapies. She feels that her commitment to self-help and healing has allowed her to offer herself up to guiding and restoring anyone who feels that they would like to bare the fruits of such therapies for themselves. 


Susanna has been an amazing, positive, calming affect on me and my life.

Sessions with her have had a great influence on me. Allowed me to calm down my emotions and anxiety. It has allowed me to have a space where I can understand myself more. Every session gave more positivity to my life.

- Kamila Griffin

The sessions with Susanna have been a great comfort for me… Susanna helped me to come to terms with recent events, made me calm and reassured me that I’m on the right path.

- Teresa Bogdaniec

The session with Susana was surprising, I was able to feel various emotions in a profound and positive way. I felt that it touched my heart and my mind as one. As the session unfolded, I became increasingly calm, which allowed me to sleep a peaceful and restful night, which is not something usual for me.

- Teresa Santos

There are moments in which life impels us to seek answers through people with The Gift to shows us the way. Susana is one of those people! Thank you for what you do!

- D.G

Often unbalanced emotions such as sadness and depression, as well as more complex diseases in the body come from blocks forming in the energy body.

The following therapies help to remove these energetic blocks, to free stagnant energy, as well as to restore it in depleted areas and improve the function and stability of the body and mind, allowing healing and emotional, mental, and spiritual wholeness.

Yoga at Home


Sent! Thank you.

Susana Santos
Bath, England / Porto, Portugal
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